Giving Back

What did we donate?

Taiwanese doctor Dr. Hsien Yung Lai invented the Aerosol Box to provide protection for physicians running out of protective gear, and shared his design in hopes that the product can be made widely available worldwide to help the fight against COVID-19. We responded to the call by ordering the manufacturing 100 intubation boxes.

Why did we donate intubation boxes?

Intubation is probably the most dangerous [procedure]“ in terms of coronavirus exposure, said Dr. Laura Mulvey, ER physician at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, in a Time interview. As COVID-19 cases surge and hospital face extreme shortages of PPE, an increasing number of medical professionals have been infected. The additional barrier the intubation box provides will minimize the risk of aerosolized novel coronavirus exposure when medical professionals are intubating patients. 


91 boxes were delivered by our staff to the Jackson Health Foundation at Miami, FL on June 1. 9 additional boxes were mailed to Community Health Network Foundation. We are proud to roll up our sleeves and directly support healthcare workers by providing them with equipment to keep them safe.

Thank you to all our customers for supporting us to make this possible. Your purchases allow us to give back and help those whose lives have been impacted by this pandemic.